Get paid during delay.

We offer airline passengers the ability to get paid instantly the moment their flight is delayed.

What is it?

Flight Hedge provides airline passengers a Flight Delay Policy, where the claim for pay is delay. Using a combination of machine learning & data analysis algorithms we can best predict if your flight is more likely to be delayed.

How do I Start?

Create your profile

Don't worry, we won't make it complicated. Fill out the short registration form to have access to payments, policies & more.

Input Your Flight Info

Input your Flight Number, Date of Flight, Destination & Location. Our machine learning data analysis will provide you with your policy options.

Select your flight delay policy

Once your flight information has been submitted, you will be provided with a Flight Delay Policy. Your policy will provide a Delay Claim, depositing payment once your flight is delayed.

Earn Money

Get paid instantly the exact moment your flight is pronounced delayed. You will receive a notification of payment.

Read About Us!

"Traveling is expensive & earning free money is a tough road. If I had a nickel for every time my flight was delayed I'd have no complaints. Flight Hedge is that magic fix! Simple, Convenient & a bit addicting.... "
Isabel Doughry
Flight Magazine

Why Use Flight Hedge?

Unlimited Earnings

With multiple Policy options to choose from, there is no cap to your earnings. Earn up to $5,000!

Get Paid Instantly

No waiting, no processing, just earnings. We will deposit your Policy earnings within 10 minutes of a delay.

Track Everything

Keep track of everything from Policies you've selected in the past, Earnings Made, Flight History & more!

Earn Rewards

Even when you win, you can win again! We offer Frequent Flyer Rewards such as Hotel Discounts, Flight Upgrades, Restaurant Packages.

Who Is it for?

 Flight Hedge can be used by anyone traveling by commercial airline. Frequent flyers for things such as weekly business travel will receive the most benefit. 

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